Youth Team

Our team of multidisciplinary and international mental health advocates presented alphabetically; click a box to learn more.

Rania Ali

Syrian journalist and human-rights activist focused on refugee issues and female empowerment

Mădălina Boț

Pursuing an MA in IR at Central European University, Vienna. Focused on the potential of systemic agency in empowering individuals.

Abdibasid Ali Mohamed
Behavioral Analysis

Somali psychotherapist experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP and Psychological First Aid

Doaa Al Zamel

Syrian educator, public speaker, designer and advocate for the rights of refugees

Mohamed Hosam
Quality Control

Khadija Mohamed
Rule of Law
Based in Kenya, Somali legal advocate and radio show host focused on female empowerment and ending GBV.

Layla Barakeh
Field Training

Syrian disaster management specialist, MHPSS and livelihood trainer working in
humanitarian settings

Mamo Issa

Dr. Suad Mohamed
Public Health

Somali pharmacist and linguist focused on improving healthcare systems in developing countries

Nour Barakeh
Public Policy

Syrian pharmacist and artist conducting policy analysis related to migration and conflict

Jamal Mataan

Kaltuma Noorow
Social Healing

Trauma-informed peacebuilder, multimedia, curriculum design

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