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Self-Care for Resilience, Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health


MESPERO is being designed with a dual focus: Impact Tech
to serve those in need and Business Services for sustainable

As part of MESPERO’s integrated suite of Business Services,
we offer consulting for corporate and other groups on topics
such as:

  • establishing a culture of psychological safety and supporting corresponding leadership development
  • accelerating change processes and handling related cultural challenges
  • using the dynamic business environment to create a more agile operational model
  • ensuring best practices in workplace diversity and inclusion
  • optimizing your employee assistance program (EAP) to promote performance and productivity
  • handling M&A issues including cultural due diligence for talent management and employee integration
  • deploying Emotional Intelligence as a driver of success

Impact Tech

Hundreds of millions of people live in poverty or in societies in which discussing mental health and trauma are taboo.

Yet at present, there is no cost-effective and integrated solution for promoting resilience and emotional wellness while preventing and treating mental health issues on a mass scale.

MESPERO aims to fill that void by adapting its self-care solutions and related services to unique and disadvantaged target areas (ranging from refugee camps in Jordan to hospitals in Harlem to barrios in Bogotá).

This innovation will be carried out through culturally-sensitive iteration empowering local populations to share their lessons learned from lived experience.

Capacity Building

Our integrated multimedia and Impact Tech approach actively engages those with lived experience. We aim to enhance mental health and psychosocial support while addressing individual and collective trauma in humanitarian settings, via:

Innovative workshops

Emphasizing women and youth, on a digital and in-person basis

Multimedia learning

Designing mobile, digital and other interactions with impacted groups

Human-centered design

Creative, multilingual design process empowering those with lived experience

Reaching last-mile groups

Transformative methods of delivering life-saving information and support

Focus on Youth

On an intergenerational basis, we are developing youth-empowerment and mentoring programs to improve mental-health literacy, reduce stigmatization and mitigate trauma. Enhancing female empowerment and decreasing gender-based violence are also in scope.

Young people with lived experience and service users are actively incorporated into designing these solutions.

Unique Impact Tech approaches, such as immersive digital offerings written and performed by youth, are in progress.

We believe in an inclusive approach to self-care which mitigates negative impacts of war, forced migration, the pandemic and other major challenges for young people. As such, those from disadvantaged demographics or in last-mile settings are a focus.

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Self-Care for Resilience, Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

MESPERO is being developed by Heather Wokusch, Rania Ali and a team of other professionals.

Questions? Comments? You can contact us at info (at) mespero.com

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