Wondering how to face the storms of 2020?
Keep resilient and innovative in these changes… come back even stronger?
You’re not alone.


An integrated solution for emotional wellbeing and mental health

Maybe you’ve experienced burnout, depression, trauma or overwhelming stress.
Or are wondering how to gear up for the ‘new normal’ of work – whatever that will be…

MESPERO can help

We focus on building resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental health.

In development, the MESPERO digital self-care solution will feature:


Tools to track mood and behavioral patterns

Interactive material

Engaging games and virtual-learning offerings

Mindfulness exercises

Guided meditations, breathing exercises, yoga videos, and so much more…

Supportive environment

A community of peers and professionals here for you

MESPERO combines a solid business approach with commitment to sustainable social value.

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Business Services

As part of MESPERO’s integrated suite of services, we offer impactful, cost-effective workshops and coaching sessions for corporate and other groups on topics such as:

  • conducting an organization-wide mental health check (cultural audit and risk management)
  • using the dynamic business environment to create a more agile operational model
  • structuring a comprehensive evidence-based approach for the next HR steps (incorporating stakeholder views, organizational data, professional expertise, etc.)

  • optimizing your employee assistance program (EAP) to promote performance and productivity
  • handling M&A issues including cultural due diligence for talent management, employee retention, and integration of employees of acquired companies
  • deploying Emotional Intelligence as a driver of success

Impact Tech

Hundreds of millions of people live in poverty or in societies in which discussing mental health is taboo.

Yet at present, there is no cost-effective and integrated solution for promoting emotional wellness while preventing and treating mental health issues on a mass scale.

MESPERO aims to fill that void by adapting the digital-care solution and related services to unique and disadvantaged target areas (ranging from refugee camps in Jordan to hospitals in Harlem to barrios in Bogotá) through culturally-sensitive iteration.

We also are developing youth-empowerment programs to improve mental-health literacy and reduce stigmatization.


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Samples of information-transfer Activities for Learn sections

Handling Triggers

Handling COVID-related Stress Triggers

Get Healthier

Physical Symptoms of Stress

Practice Mindfulness

Introduction to Grounding

Feel Calm

Introduction to Meditation
Samples of games and tools for Balance and Thrive sections

Be Happier

Positive psychology game

Focus Better

Mountain climbing game

Get Healthier

Eating habits to boost your mood
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An integrated solution for emotional wellbeing and mental health

MESPERO’s founder is Heather Wokusch.

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