Relax. Balance. Heal.

In development, MESPERO is a digital self-care solution
for PTSD and other challenges related to trauma.

You experienced trauma or overwhelming stress during the COVID pandemic… maybe before.
And now it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep, to relax, to breathe. Just to feel at peace.

MESPERO can help.

MESPERO offers

Self-assessment tools

Tools to track mood
and behavioral patterns


A supportive environment
of peers available 24/7

Interactive material

Engaging games and virtual-learning offerings

Mindfulness exercises

Guided meditations, breathing exercises, yoga for PTSD videos, and so much more…

Coping tools

for PTSD and trauma

We focus on the areas that matter most:
Sleep well, Relax my body, Take care of myself, Live in the moment,
Master challenging situations, Be at peace with myself and others,
Be resilient, Feel calm, Create my positive future.


MESPERO is being developed by psychotherapists, COVID healthcare professionals,
first responders, virtual-learning experts, mindfulness coaches, relaxation teachers,
and people with firsthand PTSD experience.

We’ve been there. We understand.


Relax. Balance. Heal.

The MESPERO app will be available 24/7 on Web and mobile devices.
Scheduled beta release in late 2020.

MESPERO is being created in Vienna, Austria.
While the app is in development, you can contact us at: heather(at)

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