Digital Mental Health Communities

To build back better from these pandemic times, the public sector, the private sector and civil society
must unite in scaling mental health and emotional wellbeing. This is how we propose doing that…

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Certified, Scalable

Mental Health Training

Lack of mental health support capacity is one of the biggest challenges in these uncertain times. In response, MESPERO:DMHC proposes applying two evidence-based and community-empowerment approaches (peer support and Integrative Community Therapy) in a scalable, digital model.

First, interactive virtual learning modules promote widespread mental health literacy while reducing stigma. Certification for the customizable modules enhances scaling.

Engaged, Empowered

Communities of Practice

Second, certified individuals can enter a moderated Community of Practice targeted to professional areas (such as healthcare, education, law enforcement, etc.) or other demographics (single mothers, students, the elderly, etc.).

Scaling both awareness and resiliency, Communities of Practice may choose to create cooperative task forces for dealing with intersectional issues such as teenager suicide risk.

Real-time, Focused

Data Collection

In alignment with existing legal frameworks, MESPERO:DMHC enhances real-time and ‘on the ground’ mental health data collection to improve treatment strategies and scale interventions including for AI.

Through two interlocking means (the DMHC app and connected Communities of Practice), we gather concrete evidence that can be used to handle acute challenges, address systemic issues, and impact public policy.

Implementation also yields measurable results for national contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We propose no less than creating

an evidence-based, mental health public sector

infrastructure in which community is the healer.

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