Heather Wokusch’s work in ‘helping to put the urgency of protecting mental health under the spotlight.’

Please find below a few samples of our multimedia innovations during the pandemic period.

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MESPERO’s MHPSS Tools Project Proposal

Scalable MHPSS Multimedia Tools for Low-Resource and Conflict Areas

Interview with a Humanitarian Worker in Syria

First episode of our radio series 'Resilience Matters' (30 minutes)

Gamified-learning sample

Empathy Training (PTSD - Emotional Numbness)

App prototype mock up

We created this prototype mock up during the recent Wonder Women Tech Hackathon and placed among the winners

Gamified-learning sample

Intake Procedures for Mental Health

TEDx Talk

"Protecting Mental Health in Crazy Times: A To-Do List" aired in October 2020

Online article

Building Resilience during Crises From a war zone to COVID-19: Interview with Syrian playwright and artist Nour Barakeh

Virtual-learning sample

Handling Insomnia
(and the connection to trauma)