Project Team

Team members listed above are uniquely qualified to lead this pilot project:

  • Dr. Mohamed Abdirahman Abdi: medical doctor, humanitarian, and community organizer working in the field in Somalia
  • Jamal Mataan: intercultural expert and community organizer working in refugee counseling in Austria
  • Khadija Mohamed LLM: Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Certified Professional Mediator (MTI) and radio host focused on female empowerment, gender-based violence and human rights, living in Kenya
  • Dr. Suad Mohamed: pharmacist, linguist, Social Medical Consultant (including psychological counseling), FGM counselor and outreach coordinator living in Austria

There is a potential fifth member of this team we are approaching who is a female based in Africa and focused on trauma-informed and healing-centered community approaches.

The intersectional nature of this Team’s skill sets is highly valuable. In addition, they already know each other and, in various cases, have already cooperated on successful projects.


The role of Mentors is to be available to the Project Team for guidance as it develops its solutions.

In that regard, we have an expert in security risk management and capacity building in humanitarian settings (Les Simm), an organizational development consultant with expertise in startups (Dr. Gundi Vater), and a financial expert with long-term experience regarding heavily-indebted countries (Norbert Wokusch).

Additionally, two of the Mentors are young African women:

  • Malaika Oringo: human trafficking survivor advocate focused on strengthening survivor inclusion and engagement
  • Hamda Hassan Warsame: former pharmacology and nutrition university lecturer working in private-sector partnerships for health

While both of these experts will provide the current Project Team with valuable advice in specific areas, the additional aim is to familiarize these two women with the Micromedia Modular Database approach as it develops. The goal is eventually to invite them to be on future teams developing content for follow-up related projects for the database, such as in pharmacology, nutrition, and human trafficking prevention.

And finally, as Founder, Heather Wokusch, will work to scale this pilot in the context of a broader global project. As Mentor, she will be available to the current Project Team in areas including psychology, strategic communications and virtual learning.