Impact for Resilience


Heather Wokusch and a multidisciplinary team of consultants support corporate groups, educational institutions and other entities in:

  • establishing a culture of psychological safety
  • supporting corresponding leadership development
  • accelerating change processes and handling related cultural challenges
  • using the dynamic times to create a more agile operational model
  • ensuring best practices in workplace diversity and inclusion
  • handling M&A issues including cultural due diligence and employee integration
  • deploying Emotional Intelligence as a driver of success

And we support individuals and groups in pandemic-related areas including:

  • depression, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD
  • sharp rises in workplace and educational-setting stress
  • increases in drug and alcohol abuse

MESPERO’s experienced international consultants provide impactful and tailored solutions focused on prevention.


Hundreds of millions of people across the world have little or no access to the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) they urgently require. Those living in poverty, conflict and violence are at heightened risk; the pandemic has made matters worse.

Yet there is no cost-effective, integrated and tailored solution for promoting resilience while preventing and treating MHPSS issues on a mass scale. We fill that void by empowering local populations to adapt their lessons learned from lived experience into scalable, multimedia self-care solutions.

In the spirit of Sustainable Development Goal 17, we develop field-based, multi-stakeholder partnerships to mobilize knowledge and resources.

Our mission is to close treatment gaps, increase mental-health literacy, reduce stigmatization and mitigate trauma in humanitarian settings via:

Innovative workshops

With diversity and inclusion, on a digital and in-person basis

Human-centered design

Creative, multilingual design process empowering those with lived experience

Multimedia learning

Designing mobile, digital and other interactions with impacted groups

Reaching last-mile

Transformative methods of delivering life-saving information and support

Youth Team

Our team of multidisciplinary and international mental health advocates presented alphabetically; click a box to learn more.

Rania Ali

Syrian journalist and human-rights activist focused on refugee issues and female empowerment

 Mădălina Boț

Pursuing an MA in IR at Central European University, Vienna. Focused on the potential of systemic agency in empowering individuals.

Abdibasid Ali Mohamed
Behavioral Analysis

Somali psychotherapist experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP and Psychological First Aid

Doaa Al Zamel

Syrian educator, public speaker, designer and advocate for the rights of refugees

Mohamed Hosam
Quality Control

Khadija Mohamed
Rule of Law

Based in Kenya, Somali legal advocate and radio show host focused on female empowerment and ending GBV.

Layla Barakeh
Field Training

Syrian disaster management specialist, MHPSS and livelihood trainer working in
humanitarian settings

Mamo Issa

Dr. Suad Mohamed
Public Health

Somali pharmacist and linguist focused on improving healthcare systems in developing countries

Nour Barakeh
Public Policy

Syrian pharmacist and artist conducting policy analysis related to migration and conflict

Jamal Mataan

Kaltuma Noorow
Social Healing

Trauma-informed peacebuilder, multimedia, curriculum design


MESPERO serves as a centralized source for a variety of other projects which we initiate, develop and implement.

Explore the samples below:

In development, MESPERO:DMHC engages the public sector in applying two evidence-based and community-empowerment approaches (peer support and Integrative Community Therapy) in a scalable, digital model to handle acute challenges and address systemic organizational and societal issues.

We are leaders in preventing and mitigating burnout on individual and organizational levels, often publishing and speaking on the topic.

MESPERO conducts an array of youth-empowerment and mentoring programs promoting an inclusive approach to self-care while mitigating negative impacts of war, forced migration, the pandemic and other major challenges.

One example of our youth-led projects is Humanitarian Community Life, which focuses on building capacity for mental health and psychosocial support volunteers and staff in Syria and Yemen.

Our global Youth Team of multidisciplinary mental health advocates is featured in media reports and creates virtual learning material, such as on sensitivity training for PTSD and connecting insomnia with trauma.


Heather Wokusch, M.A. founded MESPERO and serves as its Executive Director. Her international career in human resources, education, cross-culture, and media has spanned five continents and multiple fields. A firm believer in Impact Tech and the democratization of knowledge, she is an expert in virtual learning. Heather designs training programs for corporations, educational institutions, governments and other entities while consulting on intercultural communication and organizational development (including digital transformation, leadership development, employee engagement, change management, strategy, and globalization).

MESPERO is proud to be sponsored by the International Forum for Understanding. Its Executive Director, Les Simm, is a highly-valued partner. Les works in the business sector in areas ranging from security risk management and business resilience to humanitarian operations and disaster relief. He has expertise in disarmament, non-proliferation, arms control and verification, security sector reform and countering transnational organised crime. Having trained as a psychiatric nurse in his early career, Les has long-term interest in mental health and wellbeing. Les is a passionate supporter of the SDGs with a particular focus on project implementation and making a demonstrable and direct impact on people’s lives.

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